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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Trade talk

Man, all you hear out of DFW these days is about the Jason Kidd trade.

Amazingly, a vast majority of media and Mavericks fans think this is a good deal.

Hate to be the one to disagree here, but Jason Kidd isn't getting the Mavericks over the hump this year and certainly trading for him isn't good for the future.

Yes, he's the point guard Avery Johnson wanted. But Kidd is making less than 40 percent of his field goal attempts so he better be getting a whole lot of assists per game.

Did I mention Jason Kidd is getting older?

Look, I understand the need to make a move. I understand the need to shake some things up. And maybe Kidd was the best fit for what they were looking for. And at least they didn't trade away so many players.

Still, I prefer trading for youth and not guys in the "twilight of their career'' as former Red Sox GM Dan Duquette once said of Roger Clemens.


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