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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mavs desperately need Kidd

I'm no NBA sage. About this time last year, in an office conversation I decried the San Antonio Spurs as "too old" to be true title contenders.

Looks like I'm bad at picking everything, not just baseball postseason winners.

But after watching Dallas play Phoenix on Thursday night it's clear the Mavericks need to make a move. And that move is obtaining Jason Kidd.

Now if Dallas can only find a way to make Devean George happy about leaving Big D for the Jersey swamp.

George is holding up the trade, refusing to report to New Jersey if he is indeed traded. The Mavericks need a spark, especially after the Lakers and Suns landed All-Stars or former All-Stars in the last two weeks.

Right now the Mavericks are staring at a hump they cannot clear without Kidd's wizardry. Without Kidd, Dallas may once again move past the first round of the NBA playoffs, but without Kidd, it's hard to fathom the Mavericks hoisting the Larry O'Brien Trophy.


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