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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

On behalf of the Big Ten...

Let me just say...OK SEC, you win.

With the SEC winning the national championship in football, men's basketball and, last night, women's basketball, there's nothing else I (a Big Ten defender and graduate) can say.

SEC, you're the best. I've long defended the Big Ten since my arrival in Shreveport as just as athletically inclined as the SEC. To which, I was often rebuffed as "that crazy Yankee."

Deep down, I know the Big Ten is just as talented as the SEC. It just turns out that the SEC is more talented this year. So, congrats.

There's really only one other thing I can say. Wait until next year.


Blogger Joel Anderson said...

Don't give in Brian. The SEC is vastly overrated.

Just because Florida is a dominant program, that doesn't mean the SEC claims the crown of best conference in the country.

It's just a bunch of propaganda being spread by stubborn Southerners, when in actuality, it's ridiculous to try figuring out which conference is best.

It changes from year to year, and maybe the SEC had better programs this year but that could change to ACC (which is almost always better than the SEC in hoops, for the record).

So, you're right, Brian. Let's wait til next year.

3:28 PM  

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