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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Worst case of Shreveport-itis...ever.

The Times ran a Letter to the Editor on Sunday and it stunned me. No, it didn't compare president Bush to Hitler or deride mayor Hightower's administration.

The author attended the Bossier-Southwood football game at Independence Stadium on Sept. 1 and complained about the high cost of attending a high school football game...yeah, no fooling.

"It used to be you could bring a sandwich, water, pizza, whatever. Not anymore. Talk about price gouging," he writes. "I'm all for making a fair profit, but these prices were outrages [sic]."

He continues to rant about how soda and bottled water costs $3. A small box of popcorn cost $2. That's what he considers price gouging! A box of popcorn costing $2!
And since when could you bring pizza to a high school football game. In my 12 years of covering high school football, I've ever seen anyone whip out a Domino's box with a 14" cheese pizza inside.

What does this guy do for entertainment? Does he go to the movie theater? I find it unfathomable that someone can complain over the price to a high school football game. Is that the reason most games aren't packed with more fans?

No wonder the Saints and Cowboys game had a hard time selling out. If people moan about attending a high school game, what chance does the NFL have?


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