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Monday, September 11, 2006

'Invincible' is worth seeing

If you're looking for an entertaining, yet unheralded, sports movie, it's worth the ticket price to see "Invincible" starring Mark Wahlberg as Vince Papale, the Philadelphia bartender who attempts to make the Philadelphia Eagles roster after Dick Vermeil takes over.

While you know what the ending will be before the movie starts, the show offers a few twists that you might not be expecting. Wahlberg is believable as Papale and Greg Kinnear looks as much like a young Vermeil as Vermeil did when he was a rookie coach.

The movie could have become cheesy, but it stopped short of that. While some of the components were changed from the life of the real Papale, it shouldn't be a distraction, unless you're a Vince Papale historian.

See it yourself and see what you think.


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