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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Random NFL thoughts

The first Sunday of NFL games is complete. A couple of thoughts while channel surfing:

That Bush guy with the Saints is pretty good and it's a good bet his approval rating in Louisiana is much higher than the Bush guy in the White House.

Drew Brees' shoulder isn't completely healthy but he's making the adjustments to play through it. Give him a few more weeks and watch the Saints' offense really start to click.

How many three-interception games will it take for Drew Bledsoe to meet the bench in Dallas? For that matter, how many three-interception games will it take for T.O. to get in Bledsoe's face?

Carson Palmer's rehab apparently went very well, but it's hard to tell against a soft Kansas City defense.

Finally, could we see a little more of the Mannings? I don't think between Sunday night's game and the television commercials, I caught enough of Eli ... Peyton ... and Archie this weekend.


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