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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Cowboys just fine ...

I had posted this as a comment to another post, but this definitely needs to be a post itself. The amateur fantasy football players -- and NFL fans -- often freak out unnecessarily at the proceedings of Week 1 in the NFL. Drew Bledsoe -- and the Cowboys -- are going to be just fine. It's not like they lost to the Houston Texans. They played a extremely tough Jacksonville Jaguars squad, on the road no less. Hey, the Jags went 12-4 last season!! They were supposed to win this game!The Cowboys' offense will be A-OK. Terrell Owens is obviously healthy. Terry Glenn looks good and so did Julius Jones. Don't give up on Bledsoe. He had a rough game against a great team on the road -- he's not the first to do so. On the other hand, folks in Oakland might as well pack it in. The Saints saw this forever with Aaron Brooks. He stinks. And believe it or not, his offensive line is WORSE in Oakland. The Raiders won't be quite as bad as their 27-0 pasting last night at the hands of the Chargers, but there is no reason whatsoever to believe they will be decent. Note to Jimmy Watson: I will expect a retraction of the Kellen Winslow won't be a good NFL player comment after his Hurricanes came to Shreveport three years ago. Yes, he had a terrible injury in his rookie year and a stupid decision on a motorcycle the next, but now he's healthy and is beginning to look like the player many said was the most talented of any in the 2004 draft.


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