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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Would you do it?

I was listening to Randy Galloway's radio show out of Dallas last night (don't you just love XM radio) when the questioned was posed: "Would you trade Tony Romo straight up for Eli Manning?''

Galloway said he would. Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and current Cowboys radio hack Babe Laufenberg said he wouldn't.

Me, I'd do that deal if I were the Cowboys. And here's why:

It has nothing to do with Manning coming off of a Super Bowl win. It has to do with a couple of other things. Manning has classic quarterback height and Romo doesn't -- which makes a difference with bigger defensive linemen. Manning also has shown a knack -- since his days at Ole Miss -- to play better late in the game than he does early.

Those are the reasons I'd take Manning over Romo at this point.

What about you?


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