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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Told you so

Apparently some folks don't like hearing the truth.

In today's Times, Roy Lang and I had dueling columns on the Cowboys' chances of making it to the Super Bowl this year.

After covering two Super Bowl championship Cowboys teams in the 1990s, let me just say I felt pretty confident in taking the "No'' position on that one.

After writing the column, I got the expected response. You know, the "what are you an idiot?'' response.

Ah, but Sunday's game was so sweet.

Because having seen Super Bowl championship Cowboys teams I could tell one this wasn't one.

First of all, for all these people excited about Tony Romo -- give me Troy Aikman any day.

Romo got frustrated in the second half and it showed. He is a good quarterback. But like any quarterback, once he got pressured in the fourth quarter he was not as good.

Marion Barber ran like a beast in the first half. But he was no Emmitt Smith when it counted in the second half.

As for the Dallas defense, giving up the touchdown before the first half was critical.

I'm not as down on Wade Phillips. He's no Jimmy Johnson. But he's no Barry Switzer either.

These Cowboys just didn't have the "it" that championship teams have. Maybe with more experience Romo will play smarter and better in a playoff situation. Maybe Marion Barber will finish out the second half in future playoff games. Maybe needs on the defense will be addressed in the offseason

But anyone who has followed the Cowboys for a number of years should have known this wasn't the team. This wasn't the year.


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