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Thursday, January 10, 2008

SMU is Jonesing for a quick fix

You have to wonder what the SMU folks were thinking when they went after and signed Hawaii coach June Jones to a $2 million per year contract.

Sure, Jones had a lot of success this year, but there are WAC coaches who have been more sustaining in their success than Jones.

If I were a Division I athletic director going after a WAC coach, I'd offer Fresno's Pat Hill first and Boise State's Chris Petersen second. I'd even put Nevada's Chris Ault ahead of June Jones, who had the advantage of playing a larger portion of home, non-conference games than your average mid-major. And everyone knows how tough it is for teams to adjust to playing on the island.

Heck, his 2007 team was just a non-converted two-point conversion better than a Louisiana Tech team that was recovering from a 3-10 season.

But, whatever. This is a case where the Mustangs probably won't get what they paid for.


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