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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

On Tony Romo

I can't really figure Tony Romo out.

He says his weekend jaunt to Cancun was to get away. Yet his trip brought even more media scrutiny than when he left.

He obviously enjoys the benefits of being the Cowboys quarterback. And when the Cowboys are winning, it's good to be a Cowboy in Dallas.

But he's becoming a borderline distraction to his own team.

Who would ever believe Romo and not T.O. would be the bigger "distraction'' this season?

Maybe if Romo would just date some woman from the Metroplex instead of a straight-to-DVD actress this situation wouldn't exist.


Blogger Joel said...

Is it Romo's fault that the media is incredulous over his relationship with Jessica Simpson?

Scott, Romo is just being a regular, red-blooded 27-year-old guy with the means to make fun stuff happen.

C'mon: who's turning down some alone time in Mexico with Jessica?

9:35 PM  

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