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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Clemens deserves better

Here we go again.

This time it’s Roger Clemens having to defend himself like he’s a criminal.

Enough is enough.

Clemens deserves better. Much better.

I don’t know what Clemens and Brian McNamee did, and I don’t care. And evidently, neither did Major League Baseball – until now.

For years, MLB profited off Clemens’ golden arm as he packed stadiums, set records and excited fans across the country. And now, as the curtains close on his illustrious career, it’s his turn to be Public Enemy No. 1?

That’s ridiculous.

I’ve talked to Clemens several times, and I’ve seen his exhaustive spring training workouts on the back fields of Osceola County Stadium in Kissimmee.

Clemens genuinely enjoyed what he did, he vigorously prepared to do it and he should be revered as one of the game’s fiercest, most successful competitors.

Thanks for the memories, Rocket. I wish you a happy landing.


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