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Monday, January 07, 2008

LSU's day is finally here

I've got football picker's remorse. Originally, I went with Ohio State for tonight's BCS title game. In fact, it's probably already been in the paper under our staff picks that I'm the only one to pick the Buckeyes.

And for a Michigan grad like me, you have no idea how painful it was to make that selection.

A couple days later, now I'm not sure. LSU should win the game and take its place along Southern California as the two most dominant teams of the decade. They have more talent at more of the skill positions than the Buckeyes have, but Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel is a better coach than Les Miles.

Obviously, the Superdome is a tremendous home-field advantage for the Tigers, but in talking with a vendor on Saturday night, he said his sales were about 50-50 between Ohio State and LSU fans. There were considerably more Ohio State fans walking through the French Quarter Sunday versus Saturday. LSU fans may have a long night ahead of them.

That being said, it's been pretty tame between the two groups of fans. LSU fans skewer any SEC opponent that dares to tread ground in Baton Rouge on Saturdays. That hasn't been the case in the Quarter. LSU fans have been, oh I don't know what's the word, civil. Stunning. Yeah, there's been some taunting between passing groups, but nothing to make your mom blush.


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