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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Mailman's next round

Kudos to Karl Malone for wanting to become more involved with Louisiana Tech athletics. It's good to see former star athletes not forgetting their roots.

Malone is also putting more than just his money into Tech athletics. He is also the Bulldogs' director of basketball promotion and assistant strength and conditioning coach.

It is here where things could get, shall we say, dicy for Tech. The school certainly doesn't want to do anything to offend Malone. So the hope is that Malone excels in his new positions. If not, then Tech will have to figure its way out of this situation without offending Malone to the point of losing his support.

Yet, it's a gamble worth taking. Malone's heart appears to be in the right place and if everything works out it could be remembered as a pivotal move that helped elevate the school's athletic programs.


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