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Sunday, May 27, 2007

If you aint first, you're last Ms. Patrick

Well, we know Danica Patrick didn't get her extreme competitive streak from her mother.
So the Indianapolis 500 is being plagued by rain. Consequently, every race fan feels cheated, because the race may not go the full distance. But don't tell that to the mother of Danica Patrick, one of three women in today's race.
As pit stops and a timely caution fell to place Danica in third place (she was well out of the top 10 before these events transpired) as the rain was moving in, Danica's mother began doing a ridiculous rain dance as to concede her daughter's third-place effort was the end-all be-all.
What? Ecstatic about finishing third? What would Ricky Bobby say about that.
If second place is the first loser, what is third. Apparently dollar signs or some unthinkable positive.
Credit Danica, however. She admited that it would be nice to finish third and to see her teammate Tony Kanaan win (he was ahead when the skies let loose), but if given a choice, she wanted the race to start again.
"I came here to win," Danica said.
Well she might want to speak with her mother about her embarrassing dance and wild movements as the rain moved in.
No one remembers who finishes third in the Indy 500.
Hopefully the rain clears and Danica, not her mother, gets her wish.


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