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Friday, May 25, 2007

Where was the whistle?

Before I get started, let me say I'm a native of Michigan. I've been to Pistons' games back when they used to play at the Silverdome. I watched the Pistons' two championships unfold in my grandmother's living room. While I'd like to see any hometown team of mine do well (thanks a lot Red Wings!), I'd like to think I'm unbiased enough to profess an opinion.

With that being said...

LeBron James got hacked. James got mugged. Rip Hamilton could have taken a chainsaw to him on the final play of Game 2 on Thursday, and I don't think the refs would have called it. Which is why they should be sitting out the rest of this series. The NBA needs to bring somebody in who isn't intimidated to blow a whistle and call a foul when it is so blatantly obvious as the one Hamilton dished out to James.

Cavs coach Mike Brown was professional in his post-game news conference, but if there was anybody who had a reason to gripe, it was Brown. And, he should have. He needed to stand up for his team and show that he's ready to take their back and fight for their cause.


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