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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Perrilloux's days as Tiger numbered?

Ryan Perrilloux just cannot stay out of trouble.

Perrilloux (LSU's backup quarterback) was busted trying to enter a Baton Rouge casino. You've got to be 21 to enter, and Perrilloux is only 20. He tried using his brother's ID. Casino officials caught him and called Baton Rouge Police.

Miles suspended him indefinitely from the team on Tuesday, but are Perrilloux's days numbered? He already is in warm waters with a counterfeiting investigation breathing down his neck. He passed a counterfeit $20 bill at a convenience store in November that drew federal investigators.

Perrilloux will likely face a fine, probably $250, for the casino incident. His attorney said the counterfeiting case was coming to a close, likely resulting in a dismissal with some community service tacked on.

Is it enough for Miles to dismiss Perrilloux? I doubt it. He already suspended three other players from the squad (and subsequently booted them). Those players were arrested however - two on breaking and entering and theft and the third on simple battery. Perrilloux wasn't arrested in either case.

It's a lot of negative publicity for the Tigers. You've got to believe Miles' patience is growing very thin with his quarterback. If I were Miles, I'd give Perrilloux one more chance to straighten his act before shipping him out.


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