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Sunday, May 27, 2007

UFC's parity something new fans will learn

The UFC couldn't have asked for a better 2007. In a very short period of time, it broke through several barriers -- with fans and media. The increased exposure likely led to more people that ever watching a UFC card -- Saturday's UFC: 71 with light heavyweight champ -- and the sport's most popular figure -- Chuck Liddell battling Quinton Jackson.
Jackson mowed through Liddell and knocked him out just 1:53 into the first round.
UFC newbies almost scoffed at the thought of a champion getting abused so rudely. And that the pay-per-view show must have been disappointing.
Not so much. Welcome to mixed-martial arts.
Unlike boxing, you never see someone with a 38-0 record and 36 knockouts. Literally, anyone can win on any night. And the matchmakers make good fights, too. They don't throw stiff out there for champs to run over.
Every championship in the UFC has changed hands recently. It's hard to consider anything a shocking upset anymore.
Saturday's fight card was great. It featured several quality matchups. Some decisions, some knocouts, some submissions. The main event was a main event in name only ... all the fights were action-packed.
In the end, this will be yet another reason UFC will reign supreme.


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