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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Looking forward to a pitching change

Finally there's something enthralling to watch on TV. The baseball playoffs have started and many of us have been sitting by the tube waiting with bated breath.

To heck with CSI, Grey's Anatomy and Boston Legal. Let's all watch some guy pitch, spit, eye the guy on first, step off the mound, grab the rosin bag, wiggle his cap, adjust his cup ... then finally make another pitch.

What I can't wait for is a pitching change! The manager ambles out to the mound, takes the ball from the starter, talks to him for a bit about where they're going for dinner, then signals for the replacement. That guy lopes (if we're lucky) in from right field, then goes through his mind-numbing warmups.

Three to four hours later it all ends with a 2-1 final and we have to switch to watching high-scoring soccer or hockey. Oh, well, spring's not far away.


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