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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It's 7 against 1

The good thing about this postseason? I have seven teams to acheive my goal. The bad news? The one I don't have is named the New York Yankees.
Since Chicago isn't represented this season, it's back to normal for me in October -- root against the Evil Empire.
Unfortunately, the 8 trillion dollars the Yankees spent might actually pay off this time. I actually used to like baseball when the depth of your minor-league system actually meants something.
The Yankees will coast I'm sure, as the most dangerous teams actually didn't make the playoffs this year.
The Chicago White Sox had the World Series-winning experience, hitting and pitching to scare some teams, but a mediocre run late in season -- and Minnesota's tear -- did them in.
In the National League, the Florida Marlins would have been a scary proposition for any team in a short series, but they fell short of the postseason as well.
The youth and lack of fear on that team -- and the organization's perfect playoff history -- would have been tough to handle.
Thankfully, things like the start of hockey season, NASCAR's Chase and fantasy football can help distract me from the MLB playoffs. I won't be tuning in unless it's an elimination game for the Yankees. That's the only good news this baseball postseason could bring.


Blogger Jimmy Watson said...

What have you got against the Yankees? They're a bunch of nice guys who work hard and play for the greatest franchise in baseball history. Just because George pays them a lot of money shouldn't make you jealous. Get off their backs and transfer your hate to Sadam or someone like that.
PS - I hate the Yankees,too.

8:51 PM  
Blogger Brian McCallum said...

Don't hate the playas. Hate the game.

5:42 PM  

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