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Friday, October 06, 2006

A's win good for MLB

Remember 2004 when a fun-loving baseball team won the World Series? Two years alter, we may have seen the reincarnation of those Boston Red Sox -- only on the other coast.

And that's a good thing for Major League Baseball. The New York Yankees with their near-robotic behavior and lack of a personality have been baseball's face for too long. With a generation of children who have attention spans shorter than a list of Alex Rodriguez's postseason success, MLB needs fresh new faces and personalities to market.

Which brings us to the Oakland A's, who finally won a playoff series on Friday. This isn't the party like a rock star, live like a movie star A's of Jason Giambi's time. Instead, it's more of an Animal House-like cast. After all, this is the team that Moneyball built -- a team loaded with former college baseball players. So what better comparision than the best college film of all time?

Comparisons aside, Oakland's win is good for a sport that needs a transfusion of new stars who may not be quite so P.C. as the buttoned-down, boring old Yankees.


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