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Thursday, January 31, 2008

No-win situation out West

So Baron Davis doesn't make the NBA All-Star Game as a reserve and everyone is up in arms.

Well, everyone on the West Coast.

The only problem with trying to wiggle Davis onto the team is who are you going to leave off?

Chris Paul? Nuh uh. Paul is THE biggest reason New Orleans has the best record in the West. David West? He's slightly behind Paul in that category.

Steve Nash? His two league MVP trophies beg to differ. Brandon Roy? Do you think we're talking Trail Blazers' playoff hopes without the reigning Rookie of the Year?

Any All-Star Game worth its salt -- that is all of them except the Pro Bowl -- has snubs. Heck, even the Pro Bowl has snubs. It makes for great debate, but I'm sure Baron Davis would much rather be playing in New Orleans in late April or early May than in mid-February.


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