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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sweet Home Alabama

Just a year ago at this time, Mike Shula was about to be dumped at Alabama after going 6-6. Nick Saban was denying interest in the job. And the Alabama job search was about to drag into the new year.

Now a year later, Shula is gone. Saban is the Tide's man.

And what do you know, Alabama's record is 6-6.

And Saban fared no better against Auburn's Tommy Tuberville than Shula did.

This isn't to pile on Saban. Regardless of what anyone around here thinks, he is a good coach. He will, eventually, have some good teams at Alabama.

Nope, this is just to reinforce what some, myself included, thought after watching Alabama in the Independence Bowl last year. This is a team in dire need of playmakers.

The talent level at Alabama just isn't what it needs to be to compete at the level Alabama fans want.

Bear Bryant would have had a hard time winning eight games the last two seasons with these teams.

As it is, Bama will be fortunate to find a bowl spot to land in this year.


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