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Monday, November 19, 2007

'The Mist' versus Notre Dame football

Just returned from a preview showing of "The Mist" and it wasn't a pretty sight. Think of the worst football game you've watched this season (Notre Dame vs. anyone) and you've got it.

In case you haven't noticed, Stephen King is a weird guy. So when you throw a weird guy's story in with bad acting, you're got a recipe for disaster. Look for the movie out on DVD in a couple of months.

Although the very, very end of the credits denotes that the movie was shot on location in Shreveport, Louisiana, don't attend the movie looking for recognizable sights. You get some quick views of Cross Lake at the beginning, along with some fake mountains in the background, and you get to see some woody areas off North Lakeshore Drive at the end.

But the bulk of the movie is shot in a store that could be anywhere in America. In between there's a lot of blood and guts. One guy leaves the store and comes back without his better half ... that would be his upper body.

Save your money for that extra Christmas gift you've been thinking about buying ... like a look back at the Irish's outstanding 2007 football season.


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