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Saturday, November 17, 2007

College football musings

Wow. I'm stunned.

No, not by the Alabama loss to ULM.

I'm talking about Ohio State beating Michigan. Stunned, I tell you.

Well actually, I'm not. To me, this was a gimme. Michigan has had injury problems. You figured Ohio State would bounce back.

Heck, if Ohio State sits tight, the Buckeyes might get back in the BCS title game.

Oklahoma is showing how important the quarterback position is because of an injury to Sam Bradford.

Speaking of Alabama, I told people after the I-Bowl that I didn't think the talent level was very good there. Of course some folks thought I was crazy. Some actually liked John Parker Wilson and D.J. Hall.

Sorry, I didn't see playmakers then. I don't see them now. The Tide is a mediocre team. It just took them three months to get the record that matched the talent.

I was on the Mississippi State bandwagon. But good grief -- four touchdown passes for Casey Dick.

Arkansas is a tough out for LSU on Friday. The Hogs will be fired up for coach Houston Nutt. But you have to think LSU has enough motivation to be ready to play. Don't you?

Michigan has called a news conference for Monday at 10 a.m. Speculation is Lloyd Carr is stepping down as head football coach.

Gee, you don't think Les Miles' name will came up after the news conference do you?


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