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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Buying into the rumors

Anybody else out there get caught by the rumors of Tom Brady's suspension like I did?

I was shaking off a night's sleep when I heard on XM that Tom Brady was suspended for four games after testing positive for an illegal substance.

The fact the shock jock pair of Opie and Anthony were reporting it should have been the first sign that a prank was in the works, but when you're just waking up in the morning signs like that can be overlooked.

When it was repeated 15 minutes later, I was fully awake and munching on some cereal. By that point, I was interested in how Tom Brady could get busted for breaking the NFL substance abuse policy.

Not Tom Brady! Not Mr. Clean Cut! Hmmm. Nothing on ESPN. Nothing on SI.com.

It really didn't start to sink in that I'm a gullible moron until the first sip of coffee. I'm sure there are quite a few readers out there that won't disagree with me.


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