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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Attention helmetheads

After New England's 24-20 victory over Indianapolis, we can now turn our attention away from the NFL and on to college football, the NBA, baseball's hot stove, heck, even hockey.

Why? Because we know how this is going to end. It's going to end with sourpuss Bill Belichick holding up the Lombardi trophy in the Arizona desert with a fourth Super Bowl championship since the turn of the century.

A lot of helmetheads like to point to parity in the NFL as the reason for the sport's popularity.

Let me destroy this myth. Since the 2000 season, the Patriots have won three Super Bowls. The Colts, Rams, Bucs and Ravens have the other four.

Baseball has six teams hoisting championship trophies since the start of the season. Only the Red Sox this year are a repeat champion.

So please, put the parity argument to rest.

If you like football because it's easier to bet on, so be it.

If you like it for the violence, fine.

Don't talk to me about baseball being slow either. Some NFL games are pushing the limits of anyone's attention span.

I like football as much as the next guy. It's just I know how this NFL season is going to end. Maybe DirecTV will give me my money back for the Sunday Ticket.


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