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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Can we stop the Tim Tebow talk now please?

I'm not sure how he was considered a front-runner, but maybe Florida's THIRD loss of the season will finally silence those who thought Tim Tebow was the Heisman winner-to-be.
He's a sophomore folks. Let him get into bars legally -- or perhaps will a lot of games -- before we hand him the trophy.


Blogger Joel Anderson said...

Why is playing on a winning team a necessity to determine the Heisman winner?

Say things stay the course and Ohio State and Boston College both go undefeated, will our choices be limited to Todd Boeckman and Matt Ryan?

Does anybody really believe the nation's best player is always a senior or junior on an undefeated or one-loss team?

See, that sort of thinking stuck us with a Heisman legacy of Chris Weinke, Eric Crouch, Jason White and Troy Smith. No one truly thought they were the best players in the country, but under our narrow means for divining Heisman winners, voters felt compelled to vote for them.

All that to say, Tim Tebow is one of the nation's top players. In that loss (yes, loss) to LSU, Tebow was clearly the game's most dynamic player. He might not win the Heisman but he should get a plane ticket to New York.

Tebow is definitely living up to the hype, dude.

9:37 PM  
Blogger Schembechler'sGhost said...

The two best players in the nation may be a couple of linemen - LSU's Glenn Dorsey and Michigan's Jake Long.

Dorsey is a force and is better at 75-80 percent than everybody on the field.

OT Long is already projected as a top-five pick for the NFL Draft and could even go No. 1. He hasn't allowed a sack or committed a penalty this season.

8:59 PM  

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