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Monday, October 22, 2007

You know it's football season when ...

You start getting e-mails from Saints and Cowboys fans complaining about each other.

The Saints fans are complaining about the play of the Cowboys' games in relation to the Saints' game. And of course, they bring out the tired old argument of, "We're in Louisiana, man.''

My response: The Saints and Falcons met with a combined two wins between the two teams. The Cowboys and Vikings had a combined seven. The week before the Cowboys and Patriots were two of the three unbeaten teams in the NFL.

A year ago, as the Saints stormed through the NFL it was the Saints getting the bulk of the coverage and bigger play. That, of course, ticked off the Cowboys' fans who use the tired argument that they'll keep waiting for the Saints to reach the Super Bowl.

Passion for football is great. It's what makes people want to read every word about their team.

Just realize the decisions that are made here are not made by fans of either teams. The decisions about coverage are dictated by interest and success and those two go hand-in-hand.


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