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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ESPN - the Worldwide Leader in what?

It seems I can't read a column/blog (SI's Peter King/New York Post Phil Mushnick/N.Y. radio host Mike Francesca/www.sportsbybrooks.com & www.awfulannouncing.com) without them espousing on the decline of ESPN.

The network and its latest promo "Who's Now?" is getting ripped constantly by bloggers. The network already was getting grief over its original programming "The Bronx is Burning," and its awards show, the ESPYs.

"Who's Now" features a panel dissecting a field of 32 athletes, trying to determine which athlete has more buzz or who's generating the most excitement a.k.a. "Who's Now". It's a disheartening scene to watch as Stuart Scott leads a discussion of former athletes and sportswriters.

I know the summer months are a slow time for sports media, but the network has become a parody of itself, especially when it thinks of items like "Who's Now". I can't remember the last time I watched a full episode of Sportscenter. Maybe back in college. I don't think the network can hire a sportscaster whose voice doesn't register above 100 dB.


Blogger Dave said...

You are right on. As a sports fan I am tired of every lead story being about the Yankees or the Red Sox and frankly I don't care Who's Now, Who Was, or Who Will Be...It's all stupid!

As a local sportscaster, I LOVE IT! Please ESPN keep giving people more reasons to come back to local sports news.

Thank you ESPN and keep up the horrible work!


4:10 PM  

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