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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Biggio going out on top

Houston Astros second baseman and franchise cornerstone Craig Biggio announced today that this season, his 20th, would be his last. On a day when the questionable judgment of sports figures occupies the headlines, Biggio’s announcement is a well-needed reminder that character and integrity are still firmly entrenched in sports.

“I love the game," Biggio said today. “I’m going to miss putting my feet in the spikes every day. I’m going to miss the dads coming up to you and thanking you for the way you played the game, the little kids coming up to you and asking for your autograph, seeing them smile and having a good time at the game. I’m going to miss all of that.”

And I’ll miss talking to Biggio, especially about football and his favorite team, the Washington Redskins. We had some interesting talks. If Redskins head coach Joe Gibbs is ever in need of advice, suffice it to say Biggio has plenty to offer.

The Astros’ clubhouse won’t be quite the same without No. 7.

The Astros’ clubhouse is the most family-friendly I’ve ever visited. I came to really appreciate that family-friendliness after I visited the clubhouse of a West Coast team a few years ago. As soon as the doors were opened to the media after the game, we were greeted with blaring music and vulgar lyrics. And that was after the team had LOST the game.

My first thought was “This would never happen in Houston.”

Not only has Biggio been a vital part of the organization, he has been selfless in giving to the community. He genuinely loves the fans and the city of Houston.

“To me, I'm going out on top,” Biggio said today. “It makes me feel great, being able to do it this way. And the fans can remember you on a positive note.”

Biggio’s career will quite likely earn him a spot in the Hall of Fame. As a person, he’s already there.


Blogger Roy Lang III said...

Yes, and the Astros are still in the playoff race, right?

8:24 PM  

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