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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Razorbacks Million Fan March? Not quite...

Arkansas fans rebelled in Fayetteville on Thursday to protest head coach Houston Nutt and athletic director Frank Broyles.

It seems some Razorback fans are a little disgruntled at how Nutt and Broyles are running the program, especially after all-world quarterback Mitch Mustain left the program because he couldn't play nice with others.

"The average Hog fan feels as though they have no voice, and that needs to change," said 24-year-old Randy Staton of Fayetteville.

"It is time for coach Broyles and coach Nutt to accept responsibility for the soap opera-type atmosphere that is prevalent in the local and national press."

Let me see if I got this straight. People in Fayetteville are marching on campus because they don't like the way the football program is heading? The team went 10-4 and lost to No. 5 Southern Cal, No. 4 LSU, No. 1 Florida and No. 7 Wisconsin.

What happened to the days when a march on a college campus was for civil rights or a woman's reproductive rights or the astronomical price of yak fur in Tibet?

Maybe that's what's wrong with my alma mater Michigan's football team. Kids majored in demonstrating at U-M. There had to have been a protest every single day in front of the grad library as I walked to class, and that includes the winter. They should be marching on Schembechler Hall demanding Lloyd Carr be held accountable for the Wolverines' dismal finish this season. Instead, they're marching on some affirmative action ruling. What nerve! Fighting for students' educations!

It's not like this was a well-organized march anyway. Less than 50 people showed up for it. TV crews were expecting a grand march across campus but were greeted by a handful of people.

And, since when does the average fan have a say in how a college program is run?! I don't recall having much of an impact when I was screaming at Lloyd Carr from Section 111, Row 2, Seat F of Michigan Stadium. He didn't bend his ear in my direction and reached an epiphany one day. "You know what? That kid in the second row of the student section is right. We do need to recruit more speed."

Two fans from Mustain's hometown of Springdale actually held up a sign that read, "Integrity matters."

I got one for you: "Get a life."


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