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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Do Rose, McGwire want Bonds' help?

In a story by The Associated Press, Barry Bonds says both Mark McGwire and Pete Rose belong in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The only question is do Rose and McGwire really want to hear those words from Bonds? Sure, the seven-time Most Valuable Player has the skins on the wall, sans a world championship. But he remains the most scrutinized and vilified athlete in North America. (Lance Armstrong is probably a close second in at least one of those categories.)

McGwire and Rose both had their chances to own up to their perceived, or in Rose's case, proven wrongdoings and both have repeatedly blown chance after chance to do so. For what they've done on the field, both belong in the Hall. And they don't need Barry Bonds' validation for that to be seen.


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