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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Let the body get cold

The New Orleans Saints have been out of the playoffs for less than 48 hours and already the speculation about their future - not on the field, off the field - has begun.

Arizona Repulic columnist Dan Bickley writes today about the Saints and the team's future. Bickley says he wouldn't be surprised to see the team move.

Look, the Saints may move. But the chances of that happening before 2010 aren't real good.

Granted, Tom Benson has more leverage when he sits down with Gov. Blanco this spring. But he is pretty much committed to being here through 2010.

New Orleans is a small market. But so is Green Bay, Jacksonville and Carolina.

It will all come down to money and the options Benson has.

But my problem with this kind of talk is this needs to be brought up before Benson and Blanco meet again. Not 48 hours after the greatest season in franchise history.


Blogger G$ said...

Saints fans are coming out of the woodworks due to the events of Katrina and of course a much improved football team and a great coach in Sean Payton. If not out of simple loyalty, Benson will stick around just to cash in on his team's new found success and popularity. And I dont blame him one bit. I saw a Saints rain gauge for sale along with a few other odd items at Academy. Maybe Besnon WILL move the team to a larger market where he can see a greater fan base and support for his team...say, maybe...L.A. ??

6:26 PM  

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