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Monday, January 15, 2007

What are they thinking?

Sammy Sosa worked out for the Texas Rangers on Monday.

Yes, that Sammy Sosa. The one who hit 66 home runs in 1998. The same Sammy Sosa the Rangers gave up on in 1989 and traded to the Chicago White Sox for a bag of balls or the equivalent.

He's also the same Sammy Sosa who has been suspiciously inconspicuous since the steroids scandal in baseball really heated up.

Look, the Rangers have had enough problems crop up this offseason with players leaving and being used by Scott Boras again just to name two. They don't need a way, way, way over the hill ex-superstar to add to their roster, especially Sosa.

Tom Hicks and Jon Daniels need to determine a direction for the club and fast. Either go young and rebuild or get players who can make a discernible impact and help you win now.


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