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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Coach Tressel, you are on the clock

Congrats to Florida for winning the national title. I know a photographer in Tampa/St. Pete who's making room in her new townhouse for a championship poster to accompany her 1996 poster.

The talk of a playoff system is gaining strength though the Big 10 and Pac-10 could care less and would rather maintain the status quo. Thanks Jim Delany!

So from here on out let's just have a presentation from coaches to decide who's playing in the big game.

Have all the coaches from any team that is unbeaten or have one loss gather at some Radisson or Sheraton conference hall and give a five-minute presentation on why they think their team should be in the championship game. No graphics, no charts. Just a coach pleading his case.

ESPN or Fox Sports can even televise it for added suspense, and I'm sure fans would love to hear what their coaches' arguments are for playing in the big game.

This way we can avoid all this whining from teams that they got left out (hear me Michigan and Auburn fans) because everyone gets their fair say. Coaches sell their team to the voters and we go from there.

It can't be any less absurd than the system in place now.


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