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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Yankees get a helping hand

Once again, someone helps the poor pitiful New York Yankees.

This time it's the Arizona Diamondbacks who must have some holiday spirit left over. The D'backs have agreed to take aging, breaking-down Randy Johnson off the Yankees hands and, get this, give up a solid reliever (Luis Vizcaino) and some decent prospects.

Oh, and of Johnson's $16 million due in 2007, how much are the Yankees paying? A whopping $2 million.

Stuff like this is enough to make you wonder if George Steinbrenner has illicit photos of Bud Selig lying around his Tampa, Fla., offices.


Blogger Pedro Pizarro said...

Man, am I glad I didn't read this when I was eating my Wheaties this morning -- "illicit photos" and "Bud Selig" in the same sentence? Stuff like that should be banned from the Internet...

3:31 PM  

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