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Monday, November 20, 2006

Please NFL-NBC, you're our only hope

One must give the NFL credit for the idea of moving its best weekly showcase game to prime time. The San Diego-Denver game was clearly the marquee game of Week 11 even if my Broncos performed a complete choke job on its home turf.

As it stands now, next week's prime time game is slated to be Philadelphia at Indianapolis.


The Eagles were falling apart as it was before Donovan McNabb went down with a knee injury that will claim him for the season. The Colts will be looking to dole out some punishment after losing to, of all of things, an NFC team.

This game draws flies not fans to prime time football. Please, NFL-NBC, give us all what we want, what we deserve, give us Chicago at New England.

That's not to say McNabb and the Eagles can't be on prime time, but let's use them at their best with those 30-second Chunky Soup ads.


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