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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday musings

OK, as much as I got tired of the hype, the Ohio State-Michigan game lived up to the billing.

I've thought Ohio State was the best team in the country and I still do. I know there are a lot of people out there saying Michigan is still the second best team (after all, it has the best loss) but I'm not THAT convinced. The Buckeyes were close to hanging half a hundred on the Wolverines' defense like it was Northern Illinois or something.

Pencil Ohio State into the title game but hold off on Michigan for now.

Other thoughts from the day in college football

-- Congrats to former Fair Park star Damarcus Davis for a game-winning touchdown catch in his final game in the Superdome for Tulane.

-- How bad is the Kentucky defense. ULM had a lead in the second half, a chance to tie in the fourth quarter and a chance to win the game at the end. Former Airline star Calvin Dawson looked like Darren McFadden running through that defense.

-- Give Arky credit for getting it done. You don't want to waste that cushion. The Hogs won the game they had to win to claim the SEC West outright. Houston Nutt has to be the SEC Coach of the Year and should get serious consideration for the national Coach of the Year.

-- I bet those 'Bama people wish Gene Stallings was coaching now. Five straight losses to Auburn, guess the Tide is starting to see how it felt all of those years.

-- I'm guessing you're looking at an Alabama-Oklahoma State I-Bowl. Texas Tech and Alabama played in the Cotton Bowl last year, how much fun is putting them back together.


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