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Sunday, November 19, 2006

ESPN, ugh, rules the world

Well, I was hoping we'd have a national championship game this year in college football. But I see ESPN isn't going to let that happen.

In the same way ESPN campaigned for Charles Woodson to win the Heisman, the network's talking heads are shoving an Ohio State-Michigan rematch in the title game down our throat.

A couple of thoughts here. If you're Ohio State, you want no part of a rematch. History says it's hard to win the rematch. Also, Michigan had its chance to defeat Ohio State. Granted it was on the road, but the Wolverines didn't win. Next.

Here's who should play Ohio State for the national title: If USC wins out (Notre Dame and UCLA remaining) you can make a case for USC, first and foremost. If the SEC champion wins out either Arkansas or Florida, you can make a case for the SEC champion. But if Arkansas and USC end with one loss, then you've got to go with USC because of the head-to-head. And USC would probably gain an edge over Florida if the Trojans have wins over Arkansas, Notre Dame, Nebraska and then the Pac-10 wins.

In fact, the only way Michigan should go in the title game ahead of another one loss team is Notre Dame. The Wolverines smoked the Irish this season, thus, eliminating Notre Dame from talk among one-loss teams.

Of course, ESPN won't let that happen.


Blogger Michael Messerly said...

I'm really torn on this one.

I believe Ohio State and Michigan are the two best teams in the country. However, even in a three point loss, it never seemed to me as if Michigan was ever going to catch Ohio State.

The one thing you can say for a Ohio State-USC match up is these two teams are clearly the programs of the decade thus far. The winner would take the lead in my mind for program of the decade.

70s - Oklahoma
80s - Miami
90s - Nebraska
2000+ - USC (thus far)

9:47 AM  
Blogger Roy Lang III said...

Who predicted an Ohio State-Michigan rematch for the national title two months ago?
Nebraska the team of the 1990s????????????????????????
You're out of your mind.

11:29 AM  

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