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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pro athletes need to grow up

A lot of these professional athletes need to grow up and act like professionals. It is getting real old to hear Rasheed Wallace's rants to the officials every time he is called for a foul. And now he wants to moan to the league and the commisioner for ruining the game. Hey pal, you are the reason they came up with the new rules they have. Athletes don't get paid to get techs and throw their clothes into the stands when they are escorted to the locker room. They are paid to help their teams win.

Same thing for these NFL yahoos. Everytime someone makes a play they have to parade around like they are on dancing with the stars. That is for the retirees like Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith. All these guys think of is themselves. The don't care about the 15-yard penalty their team gets stuck with. They aren't in it for their team, just themselves and the fun they have by doing their silly dances. You are getting paid millions of dollars to score touchdowns and sack QBs, tackle running backs in the back field. When the game is over its no big deal if they lost, hey they got to do their own thing and got paid to boot.

Come on guys and start being the team player you are being paid to be!


Blogger Jason Pugh said...

Lee, you hit it on the head.

Still, early predictions for the 2018 season of Dancing With The Stars winner --- Chad Johnson.

10:54 PM  

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