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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I never cease to be amazed at how delusional college football fans and their schools can be.

Take Tulane for example. The Green Wave fired Chris Scelfo on Wednesday. Never mind that they almost shut the program down a couple of years ago. Never mind Hurricane Katrina almost wiped the school out. Scelfo's 4-8 record was his downfall.

Excuse me, but does the Tulane administration honestly think a coaching change is going to turn the Green Wave into next year's Wake Forest?

Of course, Tulane has nothing on Alabama. Where 10 wins last year mean nothing when the Tide goes 6-6 this year.

News flash to Bama: Bear is dead. He is not coming back. And neither is Alabama - at least not to where fans over 40 years old think they should be.

Here's why: Instability at Bama has allowed Auburn to surpass it. The Tide's recruiting base is shared by several schools. And the 85-scholarship limitation has brought parity.

No SEC team is going to enjoy what Bear Bryant did back in the day. Heck, no one nationally will. Eventually USC will come down to earth.

But that doesn't stop the Tide from changing coaches like socks.

Again, a delusional fan base will be in for a shock.


Blogger JJ said...

Scelfo was not fired for being 4-8 this year, Scelfo was fired for being 37-57 over eight years. 3 NFL QBs (assuming Ricard is next) plus Mewelde Moore, Roydell Williams, Anthony Cannon and never finished higher than 5th in CUSA. Not the SEC, CUSA.

And why can't Tulane be the next Wake Forest? Do you think Tulane is in worse shape than Rice was one season ago?

10:36 PM  

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