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Monday, November 27, 2006

Tough day to be a coach

The Alabama Crimson Tide may be coming to Shreveport. Mike Shula won't be.

The Crimson Tide whacked Shula late Sunday night and made the announcement today. This is just one year after a 10-win season and a contract extension. But hey, 6-6, 0-8 against Auburn and LSU, that apparently will do it to you.

Arizona State gassed Dirk Koetter and N.C. State popped Chuck Amato.

The names change. The jobs change. The one constant in college football is coaching changes. Schools think they should be better than they are so they fire the coach.

Sometimes, though, patience is the best move. Arkansas is 10-2 and playing in the SEC title game after resisting the urge push Houston Nutt out of the door.

But it won't change. It will only justify the ridiculous salaries being paid in exchange for no job security.


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