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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Strike 2 for Tejada

So last season Rafael Palmeiro accuses Miguel Tejada of using steroids and Palmeiro is dismissed as a clown.

Now, a Los Angeles Times report has Jason Grimsley, he of the federal HGH raid, saying Tejada used anabolic steroids. Whether Grimsley has credibility is beside the point. This is twice Tejada has been named by someone who has been busted for steroids or HGH.

So, regardless of what happens with the report, Tejada is staring down an 0-2 count in the court of public opinion. Combine that with his waffling on whether he asked for a trade request and its clear no player in baseball wants the calendar to flip to 2007 quicker then Tejada, the 2002 AL MVP.


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