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Saturday, September 30, 2006


What an eventful night an hour east of here Friday night.
The Bastrop-Ruston tilt in Ruston was a showcase for several players who are likely to play at the next level.
Those who won't "play" at the next play include some folks who were in the press box. The action on the field was intense, but the verbal jabs and actions in the press box were just as intense.
There was jeering and cheering -- everything there is not supposed to be in a place of "working media."
The press box is not setup very well for a heated rivalry. The TV crew, home and visitor radio broadcasters are all in the same room. Add on the members of the print media and you have a virtual circus.
Thankfully, somewhat cooler heads prevailed and nothing came of the activity. Still, it was unfortunate.
On to the Bastrop Rams, who are clearly the class of Class 4A in North Louisiana -- if not the state.
However, what's up with Brad Bradshaw??? The Rams coach won't let his players be interviewed on the field after the game. Huh? You mean to tell me I can walk up to T.O. at Texas Stadium, but I can't talk to Jamal Recasner of Bastrop after a 193-yard performance.
Say what?
Bradshaw is obviously gun shy after the Rams' trouble with the LHSAA, but all you have to do is tell the kid not to talk about anything other than the game.
Seriously, that was a joke and therefore our readers were unable to get Recasner's view. Mr. Bradshaw needs to take a course on media relations.
Finally, LSU fans ... I think the jury is still out on DeAngelo Benton, Bastrop's star wide receiver who has verbally committed to the Tigers.
Benton didn't show me much Friday night. Three catches for 40 yards aren't going to get it done. He dropped a sure touchdown when he got a case of alligator arms. His most pressing problem seems to be going for passes aggressively. Several times Friday he had a defender beat, but didn't go after the ball, giving the defender that extra second to either make the play or tackle Benton for a short gain.
I'm sure Les Miles and the gang will work on Benton's aggressiveness.


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