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Friday, September 29, 2006

What to watch on Saturday

I will be at work on Saturday, scuttling another chance to just sit around the house and watch college football.

If I had a chance to devote nothing but 12 or so hours to lying around and giving my remote control a workout, here's what's worth watching Saturday:

11 a.m. -- Tennessee goes to Memphis hoping it won't relive its 1996 loss to the Tigers. In case you were wondering, Peyton Manning indeed was the quarterback for the Vols in that game. And, to think, most think Manning chokes when the game matters.

1:30 -- Notre Dame welcomes Purdue and a host of viewers on Golden Dome TV, oops, I mean NBC.

2:30 p.m. -- Texas Tech at Texas A&M or Alabama at Florida. Hmm, let's see one delusional fan base with hopes of being relevant again or one delusional fan base who thinks its 1996 again? What's a fan to do?

6 p.m. -- Southern California at Washington State. Only because no one wants to watch Nebraska play Kansas and just so I can type John David Booty on this blog for the first time.

7 p.m. -- Ohio State at Iowa. It's the national game so it has to be good. Right? Right?


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