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Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Mighty Quinn? I don't think so.

Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn can forget about winning the Heisman Trophy after his woeful game against Michigan.

I didn't think Michigan's defense had it in them seeing as all the hype was that ND coach Charlie Weis was the second coming of Knute Rockne ready to restore Notre Dame to national promience where they belong and Brady Quinn was George Gipp reincarnated.

Quinn tossed three picks and had a fumble on the final drive that looked like the Marx Bros. diagramed it. Michigan scooped it up and returned it 54 yards for a TD sealing the game.

Quinn was rattled against Michigan, hardly the quality you look for in a Heisman Trophy candidate. He averaged 4.8 yard per pass. A game as huge as the UM rivalry and he comes up with less than five yards per pass? Credit Michigan's defense for coming up as big as it ever has.

Can the national beatification of Quinn now stop? Actually, I wouldn't put it past Notre Dame to put the kid up for sainthood IF he had won the Heisman Trophy. Nope, that ain't happening now.

Quinn suffered a severe case of Manning Syndrome - folding when the game was on the line. Peyton Manning couldn't beat Florida and it cost him the Heisman...Quinn will suffer the same fate.


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