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Monday, September 25, 2006

Best wishes for tonight

The hype for tonight's Monday Night Football game between Atlanta and New Orleans is huge for all the right reasons. It's great to see NFL football back in the Superdome following the Katrina catastrophe.

Remarkably, the hype actually has little to do with what could be an incredible three-ring circus performance by both Michael Vick and Reggie Bush.

With Vick we come to expect the spectacular, even when it gets mixed in with some play that costs his team the game. For Bush, there most likely will not be a bigger stage this season for him to have that breakout performance. Sure, he's only two games into his rookie season, we're asking a lot here. However, this is why Bush was THE MAN at the NFL Draft. This is why everyone has hung on his every carry and catch since preseason practice. If Bush has a Superman cape, it's time to pick it up from the dry cleaners.

I don't have a rooting interest tonight, but I would love to see a show similar to what we all got to enjoy in the Rose Bowl ... with Vick playing the part perfected by Vince Young.

On top of everything else, New Orleans deserves a night like that!


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