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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

USC needs a dose of reality

First, USC asks members of the media not to refer to the school as Southern Cal anymore. Their logic equates it to people calling San Francisco, just Frisco, or North Carolina, just North Car. It's not right to do it, says USC.
OK, a) people do call San Francisco, just Frisco and b) I've ever heard North Carolina called North Car.

You don't hear Cal-Berkeley getting all self-righteous. Heck, it says Cal right on the side of their helmets for crying out loud.

The latest case of self-importance came Tuesday when USC formally complained to ESPN about Brent Musburger's revelation of signals the Trojans use. See it's typical for schools to meet with a TV crew a day or two before the game for background information.
So, John David Booty reveals to his royal blowhardiness Musburger that his signal to his receiver that there's one-on-one coverage is to flash the "Hang Ten" sign. Musburger, sensing what an great insight into the game Booty has provided, talks about it during the USC-Nebraska game. USC goes nuts.

Wait a minute. What's the big deal? USC can't change their signs? Is there a Pac-10 by-law that prohibits teams from changing signals? John David is a big boy. He is handling the pressure of being USC's quarterback. Switching hand signals shouldn't be too complicated.


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