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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Send LPGA players to Ryder Cup

The U.S. Ryder Cup team needs to pack up their skirts and head home -- they're done in embarrassing fashion. Maybe we should send an LPGA team to the next Ryder Cup -- at least they will play with some passion, which is sorely missing from this year's squad.

The best golfer in the world didn't show up for this event -- maybe because there was pride instead of money on the line. And Phil Mickelson -- don't get me started. Big Phil hit the ball about as well Bill Murray on a bad day.

At least they have the opportunity for some redemption on Sunday. Look for them to make a mini-comeback to save face and to give Americans undue hope that we will fare better next time around.


Blogger Roy Lang III said...

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11:11 PM  
Blogger Roy Lang III said...

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11:11 PM  
Blogger Roy Lang III said...

LPGA players? Ha.
Jimmy, I think you've used up your allotment of "embarrassing" references in the past 3 days.
No. 1, you're wrong about Tiger Woods. The U.S. has won three matches -- he's won two of them.
The Americans have been outplayed, plain and simple. Don't forget, the Europeans were favored to win this thing.
Europe is better at this event right now.
Not every U.S. loss is embarrasing. It's extremely disappointing, you would think a team with the top three players in the world could get the job done, but there are 12 guys on each team. Europe was much deeper heading into this thing, and everyone knew that.

11:12 PM  
Blogger Michael Messerly said...

Roy Lang is to Tiger Woods what Ahmad Rashad is to Michael Jordan.

2:45 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Watson said...

So if we're not supposed to win, why all the coverage and the buildup making golf fans believe there is a reason to tune in a watch. Just be honest -- say we suck right now, we aren't going to win, but if you want to watch anyway ... go ahead. Embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing. They were all embarrassing, including Tiger Woods.

4:47 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Watson said...

There is no "allotment" when those type moments continue to happen. When I posted the main thread, it was Saturday and Tiger hadn't even come close to playing up to the potential that he's shown in the past few regular season events.

4:50 PM  

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